This challenge involves participants creating videos and / or screencasts of some of the great things they are doing with their IWB to share with teachers and students across the globe.

Remember this challenge is for teachers AND STUDENTS so please get your kids involved! We’d love to have some input from students and I’m sure they will come up with some great ideas. You can use the challenge as a classroom activity or unit of work. Read more ideas for that on this page.

The aim is to complete as many challenges as you can in the 10 weeks of each round AS WELL AS contributing a challenge of your own. There are 12 Challenges to do already on the site. Step by step, this is how it works:

How to get started:

1. Add your name and contact details to the table on the Leaderboard page on the challenge wiki and then create your own individual page by placing two square brackets at each end of your name while in Edit mode. Then, write an intro about yourself on your page – where you are from, why you are interested in the challenge, links to your blog etc. Maybe even leave a photo!

2. Complete a challenge which means:

  • Chose a challenge to work on
  • make a video or screencast of yourself or a student using the skill presented in the challenge
  • upload the video to the IWB Challenge YouTube Channel (I’ll give you the password when you need it)
  • embed that video on to your page of this wiki
  • add the amount of challenges you have completed to the Leaderboard column (on the page you signed up on) and add a comment about how you are going

3. Repeat Step 2 as many times as you can before the Challenge ends

4. Post a Challenge of your own! In order to be eligible for a prize you need to have posted a challenge to other teachers. You can add your challenge to the Challenges page with you name as part of the title. You can add it in any form you like – have a look at some of the others for examples.

There are 2 Rounds of the IWB Challenge in order to cater for those living above and below the equator:

  • Round 1 is Down South (June, July and August)
  • Round 2 is Up North (September, October, November)

You can join either or both rounds!

Why join the Interactive Whiteboard Challenge?

1. To get some great new ideas on how to use your IWB
2. To take part in discussions with colleagues who are interested in improving their IWB practice as well
3. To work alongside students who are interested in using IWBs and helping teachers to use IWBs better
4. To share the great things you are doing with your IWB
5. To make important connections and help grow your personal learning network

Other information you may be interested in:

Stages of IWB Use

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Please feel free to contact me for more info on the IWB Challenge:
email: iwbchallenge AT gmail DOT com or
twitter: @iwbchallenge